• Attain and maintain a "Body without Pain"
    PM Sports Therapy
    Verulam Clinic, 118 Victoria Street, St. Albans, Hertfordshire, AL1 3TG
  • Attain and maintain a "Body without Pain"
    PM Sports Therapy
    Verulam Clinic, 118 Victoria Street, St. Albans, Hertfordshire, AL1 3TG

Paul welcomes you to PM Sports Therapy

For Massage & Sports therapy in the St Albans area

Paul provides massage as a treatment for all types of aches and pains. Although Paul is trained as a Sports Therapist, and therefore in Sports Massage, it isn’t a treatment type that is only for those who are sporty individuals but for all members of the general public too. In fact, the majority of Paul’s clients are those who suffer with aches and pains or postural issues in the work place. All massage techniques can therefore be adapted for the client’s own wants and needs.

Paul is a Sports Therapy graduate having studied at Coventry University and since then has been a self-employed Sports Therapist in the St. Albans and St Albans area. Alongside this he is a Sports Therapist for EDSV Academy at Oaklands College treating male and female 16-19 year old football players. He did also work for their men’s set-up AFC Oaklands too up until the end of 2017 when they unfortunately folded. His previous Sports Therapy experiences consist of working for Stevenage Football Club, St Albans County Rugby, Millwall Football Club, Coventry City Football Club and Bedworth United Football Club as well as a variety of university sports teams and amateur level sporting events. On a day to day basis Paul regularly treats all sporting types ranging from the occasional gym goer to Marathon runners to all levels of ability of sports. Those who aren’t necessarily sporting either come for various aches and pains to be treated.

Paul is a keen sports enthusiast himself, whether it be it playing or watching. His main sporting passion is football in which he has played from the age of 8 years old until current day. He also enjoys running, going to the gym and the occasional game of tennis.

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Paul's Services & reasons to use him

A short Selection of Paul's services

Injury Rehabilitation

Assessment, diagnosis and rehabilitation of a variety of injuries

Sports Massage

Massage to aid recovery from sport and exercise

Deep Tissue Massage

Treatment for general aches, pains and tightness

Sports Clubs/Teams

Availability to offer Sports Therapy services for sports teams and clubs

General Aches & Pains

Techniques on offer for treating general aches, pains and tightness

Mobile Services

Flexibility to be able to offer home visits as well as clinic appointments