For Massage & Sports therapy in the St Albans area. Paul is RELIABLE LOCAL FRIENDLY

Paul is a Sports Therapy graduate having studied at Coventry University and since then has been a self-employed Sports Therapist in the St. Albans area. Alongside this he is the Lead Sports Therapist for St Albans City FC and Sports Therapist at EDSV Academy. His previous Sports Therapy experiences consist of working for Stevenage Football Club, St Albans County Rugby, Millwall Football Club, Coventry City Football Club and Bedworth United Football Club as well as a variety of university sports teams and amateur level sporting events. On a day to day basis Paul regularly treats all sporting types ranging from the occasional gym goer to Marathon runners to all levels of ability of sports. Those who aren’t necessarily sporting either come for various aches and pains to be treated.

Paul is a keen sports enthusiast himself, whether it be it playing or watching. His main sporting passion is football. He also enjoys running, going to the gym and the occasional game of tennis.

Paul's Services & reasons to use him

A short Selection of Paul's services

Sports massage therapy

Not only is Sports Therapy provided by Paul but he is a sports injury specialist with his Sports Therapy background and also provides injury assessments and rehabilitation programs.


Sports Therapy is a highly-effective, anatomically-specific and goal-directed hands-on treatment for optimising soft tissue function, preventing injury, restoring soft tissue function.

General aches & pains

preventing injury, restoring soft tissue function when injured and it can greatly assist in the promotion of general physical and mental health as well as overall well-being.

Deep Tissue Massage

Massage therapy is a highly effective treatment for sporting and non-sporting injuries as well as just for general relaxation and stress relief. This is because it is anatomically specific, goal directed and hands on.

Posture Issues at Work

It isn’t only athletes that can be treated. In fact, the majority of clients are those who aren’t necessarily physically active but suffer from general aches, pains and stresses at work.

Mobile Sports Massage

Fully qualified sports massage and sports therapist who visit you in your home or Work Place. It isn’t only athletes that can be treated.